Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Today is Kicker's first Halloween. I'm so excited!

Last night, we met up with some other moms at a local farmer's market, where there was a special Octoboofest event (get it - Octo'boo'fest?). It was so neat, seeing all the little kids wandering around in their costumes. Kicker is too little to get into the trick-or-treating part, but he really liked watching all the kids in their bright costumes running around. He also loved animal crackers, which a little girl shared with him last night. It was so sweet - Supergirl came over and handed him an animal cracker, and then they both shared a really adorable smile. It made me sad that I'd forgotten my camera.

Tonight, before Shabbat service, Hubby and I are going to quickly take Kicker to a few houses for trick-or-treating. Since Kicker can't eat the candy, we're doing it mostly for the photo opportunity. Though if someone's handing out good chocolate, then I'm willing to eat Kicker's spoils of war. Kicker will be dressed up like a dragon. A very ferocious baby dragon.

So, what are your memories of your childrens' first Halloweens?


Mizé said...

Hi. Here in Portugal we don´t have much Halloween tradition and although I´m Christian I think it´s fun for kids.
I never participated but I let my daughter go with friends.
A good Halloween, have fun.

TheAngelForever said...

For my oldest he was only 2 1/2 months old. We took him to see some family members and had photos of all of us taken together.

For my little guy we dressed him up and carried him along in a penguin costume while my older son (4 at the time) went trick-or-treating. He was only 6 months old and really had no clue.

This year the big guy (5) really knew what he was going out for and the little guy (17 months) had a fabulous time running after his big brother and collecting candy and leaves in his pumpkin.

I hope you have a great Shabbat :)

Sandra Carvalho said...

Like Mize says, here in Portugal we do not have the Halloween tradition but we have something similar (you can check about my story over my place).Where she lives there's a large amount of British and Germans living there so she can have a taste of how it's like...Where I live Halloween it's a disaster!...Oh well!...
Good to know that you had a great time! ;)

Ambrosia said...

My oldest was around 6 months old his first Halloween and I'm sad to say I don't remember it that well.

My youngest just had his first and it was too cold to take him out to do anything, so we all just stayed home. He was wearing his little pumpkin costume and his brother dressed as ninja.