Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TT: Lenticchie

It's Tuesday again! And time for another wonderful recipe. Remember that tasty challah recipe I posted last week? Well, that same friend who sent me that recipe sent along this one as well. It's a vegetarian lentil recipe, and it's delicious. And it's easy to make! This recipe serves about 4 to 6 people, so if you're serving a crowd, make sure to double it.



  • 1 cup brown lentils
  • 1 dried peperoncino (chili pepper)
  • 2 garlic cloves
  • 1 carrot
  • 1 celery rib
  • 2 medium tomatoes
  • 3 Tbsp olive oil
  • 1 cup dry red wine
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • ½ bunch basil
  • salt
  • 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar


  1. Rinse the lentils in a colander. Crush the peperoncino. Peel and chop the garlic and carrot. Trim, and chop the celery.
  2. Bring a pot of water to a boil, blanch the tomatoes; rinse under cold water. Core, peel, and finely chop them.
  3. Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a large saucepan. Saute the garlic, peperoncino, carrot, and celery.
  4. Add the lentils and 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer for about 40-60 minutes; do not let lentils get too soft. If necessary, add some water to the simmering lentils.
  5. Meanwhile, sauté the tomatoes in the remaining oil in a small skillet for about 10 minutes or until they have fallen apart.
  6. Heat the wine and sugar in a small saucepan and cook down to about a half. Shred the basil leaves in small pieces. Mix the lentils, tomatoes, and the reduced wine, and season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle with basil.



signe said...

Looks really good! I bought lentils today to make soup, but I think I'll try this instead.

Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

mmmm I love lentils!

Vogue Mum
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Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Good recipe. I was dropping your ecard and saw the recipe. Just so you know, I host a Tuesday blog carnival called Tempt My Tummy Tuesday. Feel free to link up your Tuesday recipes, anytime. We love to have new recipes.

Dakotapam said...

sounds yummy! Thanks for dropping by my blog!