Friday, July 23, 2010

Shaking off the dust...

Sometimes, there's a hobby you really love.  So you start to do it more and more, maybe even doing it in exchange for goods - that's called work.  This blog started to feel less like fun, and a place to vent, and more like a job that I had to do.  I found myself struggling to find anything to post.  I found myself writing in a journal, and ignoring this blog.

Until yesterday, that is.

In the past week, I'd been getting flooded with comments from Chinese spammers, and I logged in to the blog yesterday to do some clean-up and changing comment settings.

Suddenly, I found that I missed this blog.  So, I'm dusting it off, and hopefully, will begin writing again.  It's been almost 2 years since I've posted here.  Kicker will be starting preschool in a month (in the 2 year old program).  Hubby and I live in a new state, in our first home.  My father is having surgery on Monday to remove a tumor. My in-laws are moving to this state to a house 2 streets over.  In short, I should have plenty of things to write about. 

Now I just have to remember - the only person I *need* to write for is me.