Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who buys these things?

What on earth?

KittyWigs truly disturbs me. I mean, cats are (usually) fuzzy. Why do we need to add a wig to them? And do cats care about wearing the latest hairdo? Of course not - these wigs are probably amusement for some bizarre owner, and the cat tolerates it for a moment or two, and then it's one more useless piece of junk lying around the house.

I think KittyWigs may disturb me even more than BabyToupees.


Rivster said...

Wow -- that is just really, really crazy!!!

And creepy too...

Veggie Mom said...

My cats wouldn't stand for it! :) BTW, thanks for stoppy by my blog and entering! Please remember to Share the Comment Love, and tell all your Bloggy Friends about the contest, too. The more the merrier!

sweetsue said...

People are getting stranger every day!