Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hiking with Baby

I wish I had gotten pictures of this, but my camera battery was dead.

This morning, I met a friend at her house, and we drove over to the local nature center. There we went on a 4 mile hike. I was torn before we went - do I look forward to it, or do I consider hiking with baby the highest form of torture?

I had a fanny pack (thanks REI!) full of water, burp cloth, diaper and wipes, and sunblock. I strapped Kicker into his baby bjorn, and off we went!

We started out walking over a bridge, where there was a stream filled with turtles! Turtles, people! Real live animals in Southern California! Whodathunkit? We went a little further, and saw a rabbit run across the path. Over head, there was some sort of raptor flying. Butterflies flew all around. Squirrels played on tree branches. Ducks quacked, and fish swam by. I felt like I was in the wilderness, instead of the city.

Kicker had a blast. Heck, I had a blast. Clearly, this was not torture (other than doing 4 miles with a baby strapped to me - that'll burn some calories).

After we finished, and were heading back to the car, I realized I have a trail jogging stroller that Hubby bought me, and I've never used. I may try that out next time, but maybe not - it proved doable to have Kicker in the carrier. I'll definitely charge my camera battery next time, though.


Maestra Jen said...


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The Woman said...

sounds like a great hike. Just wait til he's older and starts pointing at everything and asking questions.

renee - 21st Century Parenting said...

hey, i found u on entrcard. sounds like an awesome hike! wow... 4 miles your 1st time! you're good! :-)

you should check out soon your son will be too heavy for the bjorn, & there are 100s of great,comfy & beautiful carriers to choose from!