Thursday, July 3, 2008

Can't Have it Both Ways

Why is it, that, I ask my sister to try to spend more time with me, but when she asked me today to join her at IHOP for a late lunch with her and her friends, I mentally cringed (at more than the thought of eating at IHOP, even)?

I love my sister, but her choice of friends and mine are two completely different things. And that's okay, but after having spent an hour with them, listening to the non-stop chatter of how a small tiny little town back east is absolutely identical to San Francisco, Scottish money is just like Disney Dollars, that if you are a little bit uncomfortable in social situations it is clearly Asperger's, and how chatting on the internet is so much better than talking in real life, that I was ready to SCREAM.

Thank goodness I actually am busy next week when they invited me to go to Disneyland with them. The thought of dealing with the heat, crowds, baby, and THEM was strictly more than I could bear. I thanked them politely for their offer, though. After all, my sister is friends with them, which means there must be something more to them that you can't see in an hour at IHOP.

I hope.