Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby food tasting?

Wow, every now and then, I realize exactly how much of a rookie mom I am.

I've been to wine tastings, food tastings, cake tastings (btw, any brides to be in the audience? I'm always willing to help with that one), beer tastings, vodka tastings (which, someday, I'll blog about - very funny story), and chocolate tastings (chocolate is so much more than just "food").

So, I really shouldn't have been suprised to hear about baby food tastings. Yet, I totally was. While Kicker's not going to start baby food for another few weeks (I can't believe he's almost 6 months old, already!), I still thought I might have heard of these kinds of baby food boutiques before now.

Now, I plan to make most of Kicker's baby food. Okay, stop laughing at me, all you moms out there. I know what you're thinking; I was passed down all these baby food cookbooks *unused* by other moms, so I know what I plan and what may happen aren't necessarily the same thing. But still, that's what I plan.

Anyways, even though I'm planning to make most of his foods, I think it might be fun to go check out one of these baby food tasting places. But yikes! Their food is expensive. $3.25 a jar? I wonder - how much of their business is curious people like me, who stop in once to have their baby try it, and buy a single jar or two, or actual repeat customers, who don't mind shelling out that much money for fresh baby food?


Rivster said...

I think that you've never heard about this before because it is relatively new. Definitely not around for my first two and I just discovered it recently. Just could't imagine myself going and being able to keep a straight face...