Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pit Bull Attack

This is a really hard post for me to write, because it brings back the terror of the moment.

On Monday afternoon, while Kicker was napping, I decided to step into a cool shower. I was just pulling back the shower curtain when I heard my dogs frantically barking and growling. I left the bathroom, and headed into the master bedroom where Kicker's cradle is - all clear there. I peaked my head out through the other bedroom door to the front room (my house is weird - each bedroom has two doors; one door leads into the bathroom hallway, the other door leads into the main part of the house).

Yikes! A pit-bull was part-way into my house, attacking my German Shepherd!

We live in a house built in 1920, and it doesn't have air-conditioning. So, to keep things livable, I leave windows open for air, and use lots of fans. I had the windows open in my bedroom, but the blinds closed, since Kicker was napping. However, the window immediately next to the front door, which is just on the other side of the doorway where Kicker's cradle is, was open, along with the blinds pulled up.

The pit-bull was ferociously trying to get into my house. I quickly started pushing on my window with all my might (these windows open inwards to the house, as opposed to modern windows, which slide), and kept struggling until I got it closed, and the pitbull was on the outside. At this point, the owner appears, and grabs his dog's chain/leash (and I realize that I'm flashing the neighborhood). I recognize the owner (as I drop to the floor) - he's the guy who lives across the street with the two terrifying-sounding pitbulls.

He takes his dog's leash, and, along with his other dog, takes them for a walk.

I sit there for a moment, dumbfounded. I then quickly separate my dogs - checking each for cuts or wounds. I find a couple of drops of blood on my tile, but I can't find the scratches they're from.

I run to the baby - he didn't even stir during all of this. I grab my cell phone, and call my Hubby. I begin blubbering, and sob out the whole story to him. Hubby is the voice of reason I needed right then - he tells me to call Animal Control (AC) and then the police.

I leave a message for AC, explaining that I just had to fend off a pit-bull who was invading my home. I then call the police, but, unfortunately, they tell me I just have to wait for AC to respond. After what seems like forever, AC calls back (even though I know, logically, it was only minutes later, it sure seemed like they took their own sweet time). I explain what happened, and the AC dispatcher says they're sending someone right out.

I wait in the bedroom, looking out the window while pacing. Kicker stirs a little in his sleep, and, I admit it, I woke him and picked him up, needing to cuddle him. If that dog had come in a different window - just two feet over, he would have been at my son's cradle. If that dog had come in just two minutes later, I would have been in the shower, and might not have been there. This whole thing could have ended so badly, I just needed to hold Kicker.

AC drove up, and I ran out to meet the officer, still clutching Kicker (though, I'd found the time to put on some clothes, thank you). I told the officer what happened. She asked me when the dog had attacked; I checked my cell phone, and realized that by now, an entire hour had elapsed. The neighbor still hadn't returned from his walk with his vicious hellbeasts.

She gave me a complaint form to fill out; apparently, a 'Dangerous or Vicious Dog' investigation will be done, with it's outcome almost certain, she promised. At this point, the neighbor was strolling back up the street. I pointed him out to the AC officer, but as soon as he saw her, he quickly took off with his dogs.

Hubby showed up at this point. He had left work the second he hung up with me, even though he needed to work late that night (aww). He repeated my earlier questions to the AC officer : what can we do; if this was your family, what would you do. I could tell that he felt as helpless as I did. I mean, who ever expects something to come in through a window? No screen would stop a dog that size, and thank goodness the owner came right when he did, because what would have happened if the dog had decided to come through the glass?

The AC officer drove around, looking for the owner, but he was still hiding out somewhere. The AC officer took a look at my dogs, to verify that the scratches were minor (which was kind of her - I wouldn't have wanted to miss something).

Hubby decided that we needed to get out of the house, and go out to dinner. Burgers are Hubby's comfort food of choice, so off to Ruby's diner we went.

When we got back, the AC officer was still searching for that damn neighbor. I wonder if his dogs are even licensed.


Sandy C. said...

OMG! That is terrible! I'm glad you called AC. I feel a bit bad for those dogs. They clearly have an idiot for an owner.

Rivster said...

OMG -- I can only imagine how frightening this must have been for you. I am sooooo glad that my little friend Kicker is OK.

And yay to Hubby for realizing that even though you could handle things, going home was the right thing to do :)