Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's always been about the shoes

Now, my husband would dispute this, but I'm not that into shoes, really. I like comfortable shoes, and if they're really cute, bonus! Compared to most women I know, I don't have that many shoes. That being said, I probably would be really into shoes, if I didn't have big feet. I wear a size 10 - most cute shoes don't seem to come that big, or they just look weird on my feet (or they're too expensive - I'm all about shopping on a budget!).

Any way, the reason I mention this is because I was reading an article on National Geographic stating they've discovered that humans wore shoes as far back as 40,000 years ago (10,000 years than previously discovered). Wow, that's a long time! And yet, women's footwear could still double as torture-devices!

But at some point shoes stopped being mere protection and become a fashion item.

Some anthropologists have suggested that even the earliest shoes may have served a more symbolic than protective function.

Beads found around the ankles and feet of human skeletons dated to 27,000 years ago suggest the presence of decorated footwear, Trinkaus said.

"History is replete with examples of impractical, irrational shoes," noted shoe museum curator Semmelhack.

"The actual first shoes may have been created out of necessity. But elements of irrationality probably crept in very early on," she said.

"Even these ancient people were probably trying to express something."

See, Hubby? Shoes are about expressing oneself! So lay off my shoes, buddy.


Kmommy said...

That's pretty interesting. I'm like you - don't have an obsession with shoes. My sister on the other hand... I helped her move once, and seriously she had at least 5 boxes of shoes! I just can't imagine.
So far, baby B absolutely hates wearing shoes, but chewing on them... can't keep them away from her!