Monday, July 21, 2008

Hubby's Birthday

So, Hubby turns 38 this Thursday. Yay, Hubby! However, we're leaving on a jet plane (but I do know when I'll be back again) early Friday morning, so I wanted to celebrate with him this weekend.
I had originally planned to just take him to dinner, just him, Kicker and I. But, talking with some friends Friday night, it got mentioned that there was a new Spanish tapas restaurant not far from our house. Suddenly, we were trying to throw together a surprise lunch for Hubby!
It was great how quickly it pulled together - I love the magic of cell phones and text messages. One of our friends even offered to make cupcakes (she rocks!).
So, Sunday morning, my whole job is to get the present and camera into the car without him noticing, and get him to the restaurant. Simple enough, no?
We leave the house, and go over to the local motorcycle store (a rant for another post - Hubby bought a motorcycle). I don't even have to stall or do anything; Hubby's able to waste tons of time here without Kicker's or my help. We then stroll over to the Disney store, and look around at all the cute stuff that we absolutely do not need. Kicker, of course, tries to reach for everything brightly colored and shiny (he's so like his Daddy).
I feel my cellphone vibrate - that means it's time to head to the restaurant! I guide Hubby out of the restaurant and tell Hubby that I'm starving, and taking him to lunch (true, and true). I open the car door to put Kicker in his car seat, and think, "I'm home-free! We're less than 5 minutes away!"
Of course, you know that's just asking for trouble.
So, Hubby opens up the rear car door, where I've hidden the camera bag under a blanket. Why he does this, I have no idea. I mean, he never goes into the back seat, unless he's putting the baby in the car. But, of course, he does. And he sees a corner of the camera bag peeking out, so he takes a look.
"Honey, why is the camera in the car?"
Think, Channah, think! "Didn't you leave it in there from last night?" We were at a party last night, where he had the camera.
"No, I brought it in."
"Oh." I start the car. "Okay," I smile. "I wanted some pictures of you - you've been taking all the pictures lately, and I wanted some pictures of you and the baby before we go to your parents. I was thinking we'd go to the park."
We get to the restaurant at exactly 1 o'clock. He grabs the camera bag from the car. "You know, we don't have the stroller with us for the park." Uh-oh, does he know?
There's a huge table set up for 15 people (14 and Kicker), and just one other couple. "Surprise!" they say.
Hubby smiles at me. Yup, he knew.

I won an I Tunes gift card from Twenty Four at Heart! Awesome! Now I can download some music that isn't for Kicker! I think I'll download some new jogging songs, so I can try to get my pre-pregnancy body back.
Thanks, Twenty Four at Heart!


Heidi said...

Oh, the thought was so sweet, sometimes "man's intuition," is just stronger than our ability to fool them. Happy Birthday Hubby