Monday, August 11, 2008

Someecards Meme

Binary Blonde turned me onto this one.

The idea is to pick 5 cards from someecards, and have them describe you in "amazingly unflattering ways."

So here goes.

I turned 30 almost a year ago. A few months later, I became a Mom. So, instead of a young woman in her 20's, I'm now a mother in her 30's. On surveys, the dot I have to select for age range changed.

Yeah, so until recently, this was the only time I seemed to make for talking on the phone. But now that I haven't charged my bluetooth headset in a while, I'm slowly breaking this habit. Sort of - I just bought a speakerphone for my cellphone for use in the car. Stupid California safety laws interfering with how I communicate. :P

When do we all turn into our crazy relatives? Is there ever a chance where we can avoid becoming just like our relatives? No, seriously - was there ever even a slim chance I might have turned out normal? Or was I genetically doomed from the start?

What's so embarrassing about my Starbucks drink order? Let's see: I'd like a tall half-caf non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte, please. It'd be hard to fit more modifiers in there, but I'm sure, given time, I'll think of something.

Does anyone ever feel like they know what they're doing as parents? Am I forever doomed to feel like I'm treading water? As soon as I have something mastered, Kicker moves on to some other phase. It's a good thing he's cute.


faeryrowan said...

This is so cute and so funny. I'm checking out someecards. :)

You have a beautiful blog. I love the layout. And also...I'm grabbing your "Get a Grip, Mom" badge and adding it to my site's Mom badges. It rocks! Add me to your links, too? =)

Petra said...

This is funny. I am going to so this tomorrow!

Tara said...

HA! I love that last one... suits us to a tee!

Picturing of Life said...


I added u to blogroll MBC dropper. See you around.

Grandy said...

Oh that's a fun meme.

As for the parenting treading water's just a lifetime of rookie moves. You'll do alright.

Just ask did we survive?

With all the things everyone says we couldn't, or shouldn't do with our babies, how did we honestly survive?

Sara said...

You've been tagged! See my most recent post on my blog for details.

Mojo said...

tall half-caf non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte extra foam.

(You're welcome! *grin*)

- Mojo

RookieMom Whitney said...

These are funny! I order a non-fat, decaf, vanilla latte, but if I'm with my husband, I just let go of the nonfat decaf part to save the embarassment.

Heather said...

I feel that last one to the core. We're having our second (technically his first infant that he's ever been in contact with for more than five minutes) and I still feel like we have no idea what we're doing. I feel like I'm not even very good at being pregnant some days. Bleh! Someday we'll be grandparents and it won't matter anymore.