Monday, August 18, 2008

EntreBlast Summer Credit Splash!

EntreBlast is hosting a great contest, their EntreBlast Summer Credit Splash, where there are 36,000 EntreCard Credits up for grabs! If you EC, you should definitely check this contest out.

The Prizes

I thought about just having three winners but I don’t think that’s fair. There are 6 EC prizes up for grabs, increasing your chances of winning something!

1st Prize - 17,000 ECs

2nd Prize - 10,000 ECs
3rd Prize - 6,000 ECs
4th Prize - 2,000 ECs
5th & 6th Prizes - 500 ECs

The Sponsors

Time to thank those who have contributed to the contest. Or else, there wouldn’t be nearly this many ECs up for grabs!

4000 ECs


1000 ECs

Ez DIY Electricity
Raise the Jolly Roger!

So check out the contest, and good luck, folks! And don't forget to enter my giveaway for Max Factor makeup!


Aunt Julie said...

Thanks for sharing--I'll check it out!

Angela DeRossett said...

Tagged you for a meme today! (Didn't want it to get all mixed up in your contest!)