Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ice Cream for a Good Cause!

Folks, I'm asking you to do the right thing, and give to charity. And by give to charity, I mean eat ice cream!!!

I just found out that, today, Dairy Queen is giving 100% of the proceeds from all blizzards sold to Children's Miracle Network. They're calling this Miracle Day.

So buy a blizzard from a participating Dairy Queen, and help the Children's Miracle Network. Please, it's for the kids, so calories don't count. ;)


sarahanne said...

O Yum! That's good enough reason for me to get a blueberry cheese cake blizzard! I love ice cream!

Marissa said...

I was just thinking yesterday that it had been a really long time since I've had a blizzard, and I really wanted one! This is the perfect excuse to go get one!

Kelly said...

what a great way to give! i would lo...

sorry, i just had to run and get a blizzard

LxndreaSB said...

hi there.
great way to give to charity. thanks for the ec drop. i will come by here more often to visit you.
plus u have a beautiful family there.
hope to see u aorund at my place!!

HappyHourSue said...

Awesome! A legitimate excuse to go eat ice cream. We're there!

Jolene said...

Here the money for it goes to the Alberta Children's Hospital here in Calgary. My waistline definitely didn't need it, but hubby came home with 4 Blizzards for us all last night. It was a perfect day for it(sooo hot) and proceeds went to a good cause!