Thursday, September 18, 2008

T13: Things my son has put in his mouth today

Please note - it's still morning, so there's plenty of time left for Kicker to stick more things in his mouth. Oh, and these are things that he's put in his mouth besides the stuff for feeding, of course.

1. His fingers.
2. His foot.
3. My big toe. That's a heck of a way to realize you drifted off for a moment.
4. My ankle! Ouch! I didn't know ankle-biter was a term based in reality.
5. His rattle.
6. His book.
7. My cell phone.
8. The remote control for the TV.
9. His rubber ducky.
10. The dog's tail. It's a good thing my dog has a big fluffy tail. I don't even think she noticed.
11. His toy phone.
12. His toy duck.
13. My nose.

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JenniBeanV said...

LOL! Oh I remember those days...

Elizabeth Channel said...

Yes, I, too remember those days! It's nice when they are over (so you can quite worrying about choking so much) but they sure are cute at that age!

Kelly said...

he sounds like my son!

Tena said...

gotta love that stage, the stage that seems to last forever and a day! Just keeping mama on her toes!

Belinda said...

How funny! It sounds like he keeps mom on her toes, or should that be he keeps on mom's toes . . .:)

Staci said...

As I was reading, I kept thinking "at least it's not your nose." Then I saw #13. That's the worst! Mine's 4 and thinks it's funny to lick my nose if I fall asleep-so gross!

Juliana RW said...

I have something for you in here.