Thursday, September 4, 2008

T13: Things that have gone wrong this week.

1. The handle on Hubby's truck tailgate broke.
2. The dogs broke my screen door (it's fixable).
3. I found a flea.
4. I broke my washing machine.
5. I accidentally shredded my dog's bedding (that's how I broke my washing machine).
6. The vacuum cleaner broke.
7. I bought diatomaceous earth, because it's supposed to kill fleas. Unfortunately, after Hubby spread it everywhere, we discovered that the pool grade stuff (which I bought) is chemically treated, and will not only NOT kill fleas, but is harmful to humans and pets.
8. I signed up for a seminar that I really, really, really wanted to go to, over a month ago. It was last night. Unfortunately, it was at the same time as Kicker's swim lesson, and Hubby's class.
9. The flea medicine, which apparently sucks, that I was using on the dogs? Yeah. I have a year's supply of it.
10. One of the dogs chewed through my favorite outfit of Kicker's.
11. With my washing machine broken, I am running out of clean clothes.
12. Kicker's pediatrician just left private practice, and I have to find him a new doctor (okay, this is minor, since he's not sick, but I want one I have references for!).
13. The week isn't over, yet...

Don't worry, next week I'll post 13 things that have gone right. I'm sure next week will be better than this one!

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He & Me + 3 said...

Like the old saying goes... "When it rains it pours". Hope next week is better.

Patsy said...

Some weeks just need a do over don't they. Your right next week should be better. :)

Toni said...

Oh my!!! We have flea issues from time to time with our indoor dog! We use the Frontline but the vet says that some dogs are just more prone to flea issues than others... Good Luck, I know what a pain this is.

Hope you have a GREAT week next week!

verabear said...

Ooh my baby is having flea issues too. We've got to deal with it somehow before we go on vacation and leave him with my parents.

If you have time, come visit my TT!

Mia Celeste said...

What a rough week you've had. Hope next week's better.

Claremont First Ward said...

Oh no..........that's a lot of things to go wrong.

Thanks for stopping by!

JO said...

hope you will have a better week next week.

Here's my entry --

Happy TT!

Sandra Carvalho said...

Oh boy!...Looks like you're having a "craptacular" week...
Don't worry, after the storm the sun comes out!
Tkx for stopping by!;)

--I'll be grabbing your badge ok?--

Unknown said...

Sometimes you just want to say WTH? It can only get better right?

Beat Black said...

o no, fleas! my dog brought some home once and we were all sufering, lol

I hope this next weeks a better one!

Sassyfrazz said...

Bummer to have your washing maching break! I hope can get it fixed~ or get a new one! :)
Hope your weekend is better!
Happy TT! Mine is up here and I would love a visit!