Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fun and Games at the Vet!

Okay, I have two big beautiful dogs (a 90 lb. German Shepherd and a 55 lb. Siberian Husky) who were my babies until, well, I had a baby. But I love them to pieces, even though they're a lot of work.

So, today was the first time since I had the baby that the doggies were due for the vet. I figure, no problem - I've got this under control. I pop the doggies in the back of my CRV, put the baby in his car seat, and head on over. I get there, and debate - hmm... take the baby in now, and check in one dog at a time, or take just the baby inside, and then get help checking in both dogs.

I chose wrong.

I decide that I'm going to take my Husky in with me, and then get help taking the GSD inside. So, I get my darling son out of the carseat, and open ever-so-slightly the back hatch of my car. The two dogs are scrambling, each trying to get out of the vehicle. Hrm... not such a good plan, I'm thinking. Still, I reach for the red leash of my Husky, and try to push the GSD's nose back. As I try to get the Husky out of the car - Whoops! The GSD pushes through, and is out of the vehicle! I'm now holding the Husky's leash (who also happens to be out of the vehicle), and watching in horror as my GSD is lapping the vet's parking lot. I call to my GSD, but he's so keyed up, he ignores me. Great.

I call for help, but there's no one in the parking lot or ear-range. The baby head-butts my shoulder. The GSD, thankfully, runs over to the vet's door, and noses it until someone opens it.
I run over, with the baby and with the Husky, thank profusely the customer who opened the door for the dog, and greet the vet tech who's standing there, giggling at me.

I need a drink.

The baby and I were supposed to head back home, load up the stroller, and head over to the park to meet a mom's group and feed the ducks, but I'm tired after this, so I skip it. I make a silent promise to the baby that we'll feed the ducks with Daddy this weekend.

Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to pick up the doggies this afternoon. *sigh*