Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This past Saturday, Hubby and I took Kicker to the Aquarium for the first time (a belated Mother's Day present for me). We arrived around his morning nap time, so, since Kicker insisted on eating as soon as we stepped inside, I figured he'd drop right off for a nap.
Hey, I'm new to this Mom stuff.
After eating, he didn't nap, but instead proceeded to try to take in everything. I strapped on the baby bjorn, and popped Kicker in. The aquarium was really busy - lots of families had the same idea as us, it appeared. We walked over to the first tank, and he kept reaching for the fish, with the most amazed look on his face. When I tried to walk away from the tank, Kicker flailed his arms and legs around, not wanting me to step away. Repeat above for each tank in the aquarium, sprinkling in lots of Kicker laughing, giggling, and smiling along the way. I think I saw a million big grins that day from his sweet little face.
We stayed until closing - Kicker never did take a nap, though after carrying him around all day, I sure could use one. A few days later, I still feel like amazingly happy at how wonderful a day it was - I can't wait to take Kicker back again, and see his glowing smile.


Cecily R said...

Don't you know? Motherhood is never the way you think it should be...and lucky for us it's better a lot of the time!!!

Suzie said...

Its wonderful to have such a great day

Heidi said...

I just love seeing thing through a child's eyes and rediscovering it. Sounds like you had a blast.