Friday, May 9, 2008

Hug-A-By Baby!

So this has been a big change, going from a working woman to a stay at home mother. One of the most important lessons I've learned so far (hey, I know I'm still completely new to this) is get out of the house.

To that extent, I've come to rely on our weekly trip to the library. I order a bunch of books from their catalog online, so they're waiting for me when I get there - that way, if he's not feeling like being out and about, I don't have to forgo having a new book to read to keep baby happy.
The local library also has a great program going for babies - it's called Hug-A-By Baby (look in to it - from what I understand, a lot of libraries are starting programs like this). It's for 2 months old to 2 year old kids, and their parent. Singing, playing, story time, all with other similarly aged children and their parents. Baby and I love going once a week in the morning, and playing on the carpet.

So, my posting today was inspired by a site I found just this morning (which I will be using religiously, I might add:
They're having a blog blast this weekend, asking moms to talk about what outings worked great for them when they were rookie moms. For complete details, view this post:


Heather said...

Amen sister, library time is GREAT! Space out while someone else entertains your little angel for a while. I'm impressed that you order the books before you arrive. Bonus points for you.