Saturday, July 19, 2008

The noise

Kicker has a new trick - he blows raspberries. I find it absolutely adorable, and he is fascinated with his new noise. He loves blowing raspberries, and loves looking at my face after he does it, to see if I noticed and am smiling back at him. My kid is so cute.

So, last night we were in service, Hubby, Kicker and I. Our friends were sitting in the row directly behind us. The rabbi began her sermon, and I was listening intently, when right as the rabbi finished one of her points, Kicker blows his biggest raspberry to date.

Suddenly, I felt like everyone in the entire congregation heard it and was looking at us. My friends behind me are cracking up. Hubby starts chuckling. Kicker giggles. I can't help it; I begin giggling. Hubby quickly takes Kicker out to the hallway, but the damage is done. The rabbi is still giving her sermon, and her eyes meet mine in the crowd - I can tell she's puzzled; what about her sermon has me wracked with silent giggles?

I finally pull it together, and suddenly, I get a poke from behind, and a whisper, "How much more do I owe now for your son's college fund?" I can't help it, I start giggling again.

After service, Kicker is strangely silent on the raspberry front -probably because it's past his bedtime. We all mingle and chat for a while. Right as we're getting ready to leave, we bump into our rabbi. We make small talk for a moment, and Kicker lets out a couple of big raspberries. I start giggling again, but now I can at least explain why to the rabbi.

I think she believed me.


Veggie Mom said...

You'd better watch out--Kicker might get into a "routine" that you can't quite break him of, especially in public! :)