Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is Hubby and my seventh wedding anniversary! Wow! Seven years and no itch! ;)

Because of celebrating Father's day just yesterday, Hubby having a cold, and no sitter for Kicker, we decided we'd go out to a nice restaurant (but not too fancy - we are bringing Kicker, after all), and then go to see Iron Man, finally. The idea being that a) it's been out for a while, so won't be as crowded, and b) I can walk out with Kicker, if need be.

For our anniversary, I got Hubby a digital photo frame, and a SLR camera. Okay, well, I didn't get him the camera - he did, for Mother's day. But still, it takes great photos of the baby!

Hopefully, dinner goes well, and we'll get that cuddle time on the couch that we didn't get last night.