Monday, June 16, 2008

Graduation mess

Hubby's best friend in the whole wide world graduated Saturday from UCLA. They've been best friends since first grade, longer than (as his best friend put it when Hubby and I got engaged) I've been alive.

We drove out to UCLA, and thought we were making amazing time. Hah! Then we sat in a half-hour line to park our car. Unfortunately, we parked in the wrong lot, and had to trek all the way across campus, uphill. With a baby stroller. Did I mention that UCLA is covered in stairs?

It was a beautiful ceremony, and I got to see my niece and nephew (best friend and wife and kids are our extended family). We had seats right in front, so we had an amazing view, but the kids (the 2 year old, the 4 year old, and my sweet 4 month old Kicker) all didn't like sitting in the heat, so we walked over to the shade, and played under the trees, while my Hubby motioned to us to get back into place when the important stuff started happening.

Afterwards, we had a nice lunch at a Japanese restaurant there in Westwood. All throughout, Kicker remained giggly and laughing, while sitting in his car seat. He's becoming pretty good about letting Mommy eat a meal.