Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anniversary blues

Well, our anniversary evening did not go according to plan. But I still enjoyed my night (well, at times).

First, my husband came home with a dozen red roses, and kissed the baby and me. Aww. I quickly put on the earrings he gave me that morning ( a subject for another post - we have a yearly 'zoo earring' tradition, because we usually spent our anniversary weekend in San Diego). Unfortunately, his present had not arrived - thank you, USPS.

Then, Hubby and I, along with Kicker, pile into my car, and drive to a nearby outdoor mall, where we go to an Italian restaurant. The bad thing about living in Southern California - too many tourist places with very high prices, mediocre food, and even worse service. Our appetizer, salad, and main courses were brought out practically at the same time. Because it's summer, they were trying to turn tables as quickly as possible. I understand the sentiment, but not exactly nice for those of us who are trying to have a nice dinner.

We strolled over to the movie theater, and bought two tickets for Indiana Jones. Kicker was REALLY good during the film, suprisingly so, and fell sound asleep, with him holding my hands over his ears.

The movie ended, and we walked around, and into the Lego store, where we admired all the fun toys (which are now choking hazards in our house, so no legos for us, for a while).

Now, we're to the end of our evening, so we walk to our car, pop Kicker into place, and drive home - where we find that police have cordoned off the area. We drive up to our house, to find an animal control vehicle, and countless police officers outside our home, along with a police helicopter flying over head.

Apparently, a store down the street was robbed at gunpoint, and the guys fled down our street and hid in our driveway, ditching some things in our yard. They also needed to clear out our backyard, where one of our poor dogs was, so they could search there. Apparently, we arrived just in time - the animal control vehicle was for him. They asked us to please go inside, bring our dog in, and lock all our doors. Oh yeah - and not to park in our driveway. Naturally.

The police cleared up around 1am, and by the time I fell asleep, it was after 2am. I went from having a good day, to being afraid and stressed out - what if the guy had gotten into our house? What if he found a way in, and somehow didn't trip the alarm?

On the bright side, I had Hubby to cuddle up with - it made things feel much safer. My mind stopped running wild the second (okay, a minute later) he held me and Kicker. Also, I know this is one anniversary I will never forget.

Oh, also - his present *still* hasn't arrived. I love priority mail.


Naomi said...

Sorry about the drama... but happy anniversary, anyway!

And, guess what? You are the lucky winner of my BambooBaby towel and soap giftset! Yay!


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